Hurricane Will

On September 1st Will (and company) left for Baton Rouge to turn the lights back on after Gustav. For 12 days I filled my time with making coffeeshop plans and doing coffeeshop research. I hung out with some of my girls and did a couple of designer-y jobs. I fed the dogs, played with the dogs, and let the dogs sleep with me under the covers.  I had the baby for a couple of nights and I watched a bunch of movies I have not seen yet. BTW- I strenuously recommend  “Martian Child,” with John Cusack. Will came back last Friday, the 12th, as Ike was zeroing in on Houston.

Saturday night we went to the fair and ate. No, we gorged ourselves is a more accurate description of what happened there.


We ate pepperoni pizza, sausage with swiss cheese & mustard on a bun, a turkey leg, a foot-long corn-dog,  Aggie fries with chili & cheese, lemonade, sweet tea, and a couple bottles of water.  Then Will won me a GIANT dog by getting 4 softballs to stay in the tubs. This totally blew my theory that the people walking around with the biggest prizes are actually hired carnies who want you to think that it’s easy to win the big prize.  While the lady was getting my big dog off the ceiling, I told the guy next to me the secret to getting the balls to stay in there so he could win the big prize too. Oh- I almost forgot: I rode the mechanical bull twice! It was so fun, and waaaay harder than it looks.  Of course I was thrown off almost immediately both times- that was the best part!

Sunday, we went to church then out to lunch at Abuelo’s. We napped all afternoon then made chinese food at home for dinner.  I also spent a great deal of time doing laundry this weekend in case Will had to leave again for Hurricane Ike.  

Now it’s Monday afternoon. About 30 minutes after I pulled the last load of laundry out of the dryer this morning Will called and said, “Okay we’re leaving again.”


“About lunchtime.”

So I pulled everything back out of the dresser and back out of the closet and packed it all back up again.  If you saw the news this morning (or anytime this weekend) you have an idea of what kind of mess they are headed towards.

 I have retreated back into our bed with my laptop, my phone, a diet coke, the remote, and the dogs. I have a feeling that this trip may be longer than 12 days.  I have some extra hanging out time if anyone is interested. Time to design, time to play, time to see movies or stay out late. Time to drink coffee, margaritas, whatever. So call me!

Hey- also: if anyone needs some cash, Chef Joel needs workers for two huge parties this Saturday, so call me ASAP if you can work!