Ahhhhhh—– I haven’t been here in a few weeks! Life has been crazy, up and down.  I have been filling in at the Arrangement while the girls have been out of town and softball has started up again for Will. I wanted to check in with you all and say HI!!  I got a letter yesterday from the bank I applied at: the position has been filled.  It’s okay because I am forging ahead…

Coffeehouse news:  I went to the Small Business Development Center in Abilene a week or two ago and have been feeling not only inspired, but like I finally have some order to my thinking about this whole project. It is A LOT to accomplish but I am more “gung-ho” than ever.  I am thinking that I may spend a couple of weeks in New Jersey working in my Uncle Mike’s coffee shop to learn the biz first hand w/out having to go to barista school. He and my cousins went to a school in VA, so I am going to try and learn from them. Also my other uncle, David, ran a tanning salon for about 5 yrs- so I am going to pick his brain as well and try and get some real numbers to apply to my planning. Am I really going to own and run my own business?!   OMG!

Church: I don’t know if KLF is my (our) church. On one hand, yes of course it is and always will be. KLF is my family. But I am really asking God to show me something because I feel uncertain.  I need direction and clarity.  I don’t need peer pressure, just a word from God. 

Home: Will & I are approaching the one-year mark.  Will was born marked with authority, leadership, and wisdom. The enemy has gone to great lengths to attempt to destroy him. But I know God is so much bigger than that. Maybe I can get him to do a “guest blog” to give his perspective on the past year (not God, but Will). I know for me, this year has been the best and worst year of my whole life. It has also been a time of really getting to know myself and God in ways I have never known either one of us. Trippy.

Ok- have to go in to the shop. Stop by- everything’s on sale this week. Or maybe you need some flowers? Love you guys- maybe I’ll see ya at Becky’s yard sale this weekend.